Titilating Titles: The Seven Year Itch

These come from the Titan of Titles; Saul Bass.  Cards flap, pop and flash across the screen in a color palate of tan, red, orange, yellow, pink, black and white. Prettier than a Mondrian painting!

the seven year itch titles

the seven year itch titles the seven year itch titles

the seven year itch titles

the seven year itch titles

the seven year itch titles

The fanciful hand-lettering is by Harold Adler. You can watch the full title sequence here. Such good visual inspiration for home decor…

 saul bass inspired interiors copy

Party backdrops

saul bass post its

…And of course, cocktails!

seven year itch cocktails

Mongolian Lamb Pillow / Orange Coffee TableBend Chair in Persimmon / Yellow Abstract Wall Art / The End Bookend / Wine Glasses / Rectangular Serving Platter / Color Block Console / Square Appetizer Plate / Abstract Coral Crewel Pillow /


Dress Your Desk


Pencil Cup / Paper Clip Mail Holder / Pill HighlightersPink Stacking Boxes / Pink Quote Notecards / Green iPhone Handset / Lucite Stapler / Coffee Mug / Floral Waste Bin / Light Pink Le Pens / Green Periodical Holders / Lucite Stacking Trays / Girly Girl Bright Pink Pencils / Diamond Paper Weight / Watercolor Weekly Planner

Happy Monday! Now get to work!

Lady Cocktail: Bombshell Bellini


Fresh like the first days of summer, this simple recipe is a real crowd pleaser! A ripe peach and lime juice puree puts this cocktail a big step above a Kern’s nectar and champers. (No offense Kerns! If I was 8 and it was only you and tiny cans of unsweetened grapefruit juice in grandma’s fridge, I’d pick you.)

2 Ripe Peaches

1/2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

4 oz. Simple Syrup (or equal parts sugar and water. Or, you can use honey simple syrup, as described here!)


Mint Sprigs

Remove skin and pit from peaches. Combine peaches, simple syrup and lime juice in a food processor or blender. Puree until smooth. Add 1-1 1/2 oz peach puree to chilled champagne glass and top with cold champagne. Serve with a mint sprig. Makes 6-8 drinks. 6-8. Cin Cin!

(Glasses: Waterford / Gold and White Striped Ice Bucket: Bombshell Bar Goods)

Snag The Look

If you saw last Friday’s post you might be wondering if I made a boo boo and posted the same thing. No! And, yes! I’ve had this entry swimming around in my head for days! (weeks? months?) It hails from The Meyerhoffer Residence in La Canada,CA and it is to die for! Such a beautiful use of materials and color. After muddling over how to have the same feeling in my own home, I couldn’t help but compile a Snag the Look! A couple liberties were taken for budget and feasibility sake, like swapping out wood paneling for grasscloth wallpaper, but other than that, I’d say it’s a dead ringer! Feel free to redecorate!


Door Color: Benjamin Moore Outrageous Orange / Grass Cloth / Ceramic Floor Tiles / Ceiling Fixture / Brush Paint Art / Foo Dog / Brass Mushroom (Floor) Lamp / Teak Root Console / Silk Rug (great deal!)

If you are more of a DIYer and/ or are short on dough, here are some alternatives to pricier items listed above!

1. DIY Sputnik Chandelier on Little Green Notebook

2. DIY an abstract brush painting by purchasing a large canvas and grabbing yourself some black and white acrylic paints and a large brush!

3. Etsy Mushroom Lamps especially love this one!

4. Teak Root Side Table or Teak Root Cube. Maybe gate a couple and have a glass top made for them?

Lady Cocktail: Passion Fruit Mai Tai


1 oz. Jamaican Amber Rum

1 oz. Jamaican Dark Rum

1/2 oz. 151 Rum

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz. Passion Fruit Syrup

2 drops Agnostura Bitters


Ice & Ice crusher (or bag filled with ice and something to hit it with!)

Crush ice. Fill highball glass with crushed ice. Set aside in freezer. Fill shaker with whole ice cubes. Add rums, lime juice, passion fruit syrup and bitters. Shake it, Lady! Pour over crushed ice in highball glass. Top with a dash of nutmeg (and maybe a floater of rum…). Garnish with fun fruity fix-in’s! Happy sipping!

(Gidget Glass from Bombshell Bar Goods!)