Birthday Party Sunnies!

The only thing sweeter than these limited edition gilded frames for Karen Walkers 10 year birthday celebration is their sparkly ad campaign! In light of my birthday this weekend, these images make me extra happy! Party on!

karen walker 2

karen walker 5

karen walker 4

karen walker 3

karen walker 6

karen wlaker 7

karen walker 1

Gold Orbit / Super Duper Strength Gold / X-Ray Vision Gold  / Hector Gold

Number One Gold / Anytime Gold / Northern Lights Gold


Digging This: Thuss + Farrell

Since I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for paper goods. Not just notebooks and stationary, more like good-ies, made from paper a la Claes Oldenburg. (Stop what you are doing and acquaint or reacquaint yourself with his work right now.) So when I saw that this husband and wife design duo’s portfolio was filled with paper and fabric fancies, my heart skipped a beat! (In part because my dream is to be one half of a husband wife duo, which from the look of disgust on Mikey’s face when I suggest this will never happen, even though, yes, I am his muse.) Feast your eyes! But probably not your mouth…

thuss + farrell soft desserts

thuss + farrell paper dessert bar

thuss + farrell bellflowers

thuss + farrell sorft schnitzel

thuss + farrell red hot shoe

…and a Red Hot-filled shoe just for kicks!

Dress Your Desk


Pencil Cup / Paper Clip Mail Holder / Pill HighlightersPink Stacking Boxes / Pink Quote Notecards / Green iPhone Handset / Lucite Stapler / Coffee Mug / Floral Waste Bin / Light Pink Le Pens / Green Periodical Holders / Lucite Stacking Trays / Girly Girl Bright Pink Pencils / Diamond Paper Weight / Watercolor Weekly Planner

Happy Monday! Now get to work!

Digging This: Lady Penelope’s Dressing Room by Christopher Peacock

This guy! Now this room is pretty as a Peacock! (Pun very intended.) Feast your eyes on this ladies dressing room in the 2014 Kips Bay Showhouse by Christopher Peacock, based on Lady Penelope, a pink, 6-wheeled Rolls Royce driving spy puppet from the 1960s UK show, Thunderbirds. This dressing room boasts pink lacquered closet doors, 24K gold hardware, pink leather-lined shelves, and a boat load of Pucci fashions! I love everything about this room, down to the Good & Plenty filled candy dish, but I think that my favorite element is the Patterson, Flynn & Martin carpet in a David Hicks geometric pattern. The avocado and pink color combo just tickles me! The vanity wall is covered in a glistening gold grasscloth by Thibaut. Kitchy Glamor at it’s finest! Happy Weekend!


christopher-peacock-detailChristopher-Peacock-vantity christopher-peacock-wide-angle

Images Via NY Times, Lifestyle Mirror, Quintessence BlogGo Design Go, and NBC NY.

Best Sundressed

At long last Mikey and I are taking a Humphrey Holiday to the UK for our 3rd anniversary next month and I’m in the market for some smart sundresses. You know, ones that I can cruise around town in feeling easy breezy but that I wouldn’t be ashamed for Princess Kate to see me in should we cross paths for tea or something. (I also don’t want to look like an LA hoochie, which can happen in my leopard print maxi’s from time to time.) Enter Boden. Where better to look for that sort of thing than a at company who’s slogan is “Great British Style”?! Upon first glance some felt a bit matronly, but as I pursued the site I envisaged Grace Kelly galavanting around in them…ok, done. Here’s just a sampling of the ones I’ve been stewing over!


            Aaand I don’t think some of these dresses would mind a trip to Palm Springs either…

Abigail Dress / Retro Pocket Dress / Audrey Ponte Dress / Gingham Shirt Dress / British Tweed Shift / Paddington Dress / Aldgate Dress / Santorini Sundress / Casual Tunic

Vintage Treasures: Hunter’s Alley

Have y’all heard of Hunter’s Alley? I’ve perused the site a couple of times, but this is the first time I really drooled over the merch! It’s like a 1stDibs for regular people (i.e. no $10k price tags!). Also, it allows you to sell your wares that no longer strike your fancy! According to them, you just list, sit back, ship & collect 75% of the price! Hmmm…maybe I should de-hoard some pretty things from my storage space? Here’s a sampling of my favorite treasures for my favorite place in the house!


1. Mod Glasses & Ice Bucket. 2. Pink Balmain Sketch 3. Green Balmain Sketch 4. Tall Champagne Bucket 5. Decanter 6. Plates 7. Orange Balmain Sketch 8. Pink Crystal Glasses 9. Bombay Sapphire 10. Bar Cart