Vintage Treasures: Hunter’s Alley

Have y’all heard of Hunter’s Alley? I’ve perused the site a couple of times, but this is the first time I really drooled over the merch! It’s like a 1stDibs for regular people (i.e. no $10k price tags!). Also, it allows you to sell your wares that no longer strike your fancy! According to them, you just list, sit back, ship & collect 75% of the price! Hmmm…maybe I should de-hoard some pretty things from my storage space? Here’s a sampling of my favorite treasures for my favorite place in the house!


1. Mod Glasses & Ice Bucket. 2. Pink Balmain Sketch 3. Green Balmain Sketch 4. Tall Champagne Bucket 5. Decanter 6. Plates 7. Orange Balmain Sketch 8. Pink Crystal Glasses 9. Bombay Sapphire 10. Bar Cart


Shangri Mod

If Doris Duke and Twiggy shared a living space I think it would go something like this…



1. Aster Chandelier 2. Queen Elizabeth (Similar print here) 3. Mongolian Lamb Pillow, Orange Pillow, David Hicks Pillow 4. Platner Style Coffee Table 5. 1st Dibs Sofa (sold) 6. Hand Chair 7. Pink Parallel Chairs 8. Vintage Moroccan Rug 9. Similar bowls here 10. Turquoise Vases 11. Rattan Pouf 12. Sheepskin Rug

Magical Midcentury Screens

I think I can pinpoint the beginning of my infatuation with carved screens to one of my all time favorite movies, Auntie Mame.

Aren’t they simply “top draaawerrr?!”- Gloria. (The ghastly b***h in the fur.)


Image via T.B.D.

When searching for some screens for a project, I came across  Crestview Doors & Millwork


The Morocco used as media room doors.

The same lady used a dark stain on a pair and hung them as doors to her wetbar! Super cool. (A bit of bad news..price increase as of July 15, 2013 from $213 per panel to $1215. )

No matter! If $1215 a pop isn’t in the budget, Acurio Latticeworks has some great midcentury designs for a fraction of the price. These can be used in so many places! Happy screen scheming!