What’ll it be?! One Sofa Styled 4 Ways

This hot weather has got me craving a change in the ol’ pillow lineup. Only hitch? I have a grey slubby woven sofa. Not that grey woven is totally disgusting and that I have to hang on to it for another 30 years for it to become tolerable again, like, say, avocado was to 1995, but grey sofas have totally become over saturated, in my humble opinion. Name me one big box store you can’t find one of those bad boys ready made for ya!  I do still like our sofa’s styling with it’s midcentury, classic shape, walnut tapered lags, some sweet piping and button tufting. Dare I say I was on the cutting edge of the grey sofa trend, if you can call it that, custom making mine 3.5 years ago? Mmm probably not. In hindsight I would have liked to do black, white, natural leather, pink, green, orange, yellow or blue. (I think I’ve gone through my ROYGBIV? Ok, so not violet. Or red.) Anyways, I had hard time feeling right on with our pillow situation for a while. Something looks off with bright white backgrounded things and some colors just look nasty on grey. So, how to make this work? By adding a hint of grey to the mix (or black and white to read as grey). Yes, these combos would probably be that much cooler if they were on a white or colored sofa, but I figured there were other ladies (and gentlemen) out there with the same grey dilemma, and they might be able to get by with a little help from this friend?! You’ll be happy to know some of them are a real steal! So pick a refreshment and shake up your pillow style! Maybe there is life for the grey sofa after all!

Sofa / Greyhound: Coral Pillows, Light Pink and Gold Pillows, Hexagon Lumbar Pillow /Mojito: Citron Geo Link Pillows, Yellow Pillows, Love Lumbar, Lemon-Lime Throw, Aqua Spectrum Throw / Champagne Cocktail: Le Zebre Pillows, Hotel Monaco Animal Pink Pillows, Aqua Diamond Weave Pillows, First Lady Pillow / Hard Lemonade: Dwell Studio Zebra Pillows, Hot Pink Pom Pom Pillows, Yellow Lola Pillow, Bright Pink Mohair Throw



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