Best Sundressed

At long last Mikey and I are taking a Humphrey Holiday to the UK for our 3rd anniversary next month and I’m in the market for some smart sundresses. You know, ones that I can cruise around town in feeling easy breezy but that I wouldn’t be ashamed for Princess Kate to see me in should we cross paths for tea or something. (I also don’t want to look like an LA hoochie, which can happen in my leopard print maxi’s from time to time.) Enter Boden. Where better to look for that sort of thing than a at company who’s slogan is “Great British Style”?! Upon first glance some felt a bit matronly, but as I pursued the site I envisaged Grace Kelly galavanting around in them…ok, done. Here’s just a sampling of the ones I’ve been stewing over!


            Aaand I don’t think some of these dresses would mind a trip to Palm Springs either…

Abigail Dress / Retro Pocket Dress / Audrey Ponte Dress / Gingham Shirt Dress / British Tweed Shift / Paddington Dress / Aldgate Dress / Santorini Sundress / Casual Tunic


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